or, “how Juttah got her name…” three prophets bannerYesterday was a big day. Almost ten years ago, Marcia and I began a writing project to create an entertaining and scripturally  accurate novel about the miraculous life of the prophet, Daniel, while he was held captive in Babylon. Yesterday, July 13th, we were thrilled to do a small mailing to announce its publication as an eBook. The Daniel story had already been uploaded for sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo since May but we chose not to publicize it until a second novel was ready to go. This second novel, entitled, The Ivory House, the days of Elijah, is now available as well and, we hope, meets the same criteria, entertaining and accurate.

Juttah, the wild Jerusalem dog, as she appears on The Ivory House book coverRegular readers of this blog may have spotted a familiar face on The Ivory House cover. It’s Juttah, the wild dog of Jerusalem you may remember from here, and here! Always cooperative except when awake, Juttah volunteered to stand in for the male, fictional, canine star¬† of The Ivory House, also named Juttah…only first. For a look at the original photo of our cover girl before being Photoshopped to look a bit scarier, details on how to keep up with goodStories and more about Juttah’s status, read on.
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