Assaults, sirens, shutdown and remodeling…

CLK_0042Maybe this morning, Tuesday, October 13, 2015, was truly worse than all the others; maybe it was only that it seemed so. All morning, across the city, we could hear beating helicopters, screaming ambulances and convoys of police vehicles racing behind their sirens. A sampling of events…

Meanwhile in America, even-minded Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the preacher President Obama never listened to while regularly attending his church, has weighed in from his hateful perch.

Israel is an apartheid state, Wright finds the time to say (adding that Jesus was a “Palestinian”).

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Ariel’s smart move

French-Israelis hold a sign reading "Jews of France in danger, your place is in Israel" during a rally in Tel Aviv in memory of the shooting victims in France on March 22, 2012. Photo by Gideon Markowicz/FLASH90.
French-Israelis with sign, “Jews of France in danger, your place is in Israel” Tel Aviv, 2012. Photo by Gideon Markowicz/FLASH90.

I met a French Jew in Jerusalem today, normally not a blog-worthy event but this fellow was from Paris, had just made Aliyah with his family and recently moved into our neighborhood having never seen it. Ariel’s cab had stopped on the street, he stepped out and hailed me then asked the question I am best equipped to handle in Jerusalem.

Do you speak English?

Ariel’s next question, while pointing at the roof of an elementary school, was, “I was told I could see the Knesset from here. Is that true?”

It was almost true, I explained, and once we got the Knesset’s whereabouts settled I learned that Ariel, his wife and children have recently left their home in France and made Aliyah to Israel, in haste, because they feel they can no longer live safely in Paris.

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The Two State Solution (and the problem it would solve)

Martin LutherDividing Israel and “Palestine” into two unique countries would solve a problem, a famous one, but it would not bring peace to the Middle East. Almost 90 years ago, standing on the shoulders of such anti-Semitic giants as Martin Luther, Adolf Hitler described what he called The Jewish Peril in his book, Mein Kampf. By 1939, sensitivity to “the peril” in Germany had evolved into the need to actually solve The Jewish Problem. Many patriots in the fatherland championed Hitler’s proposed cure; extermination. Among them was Reich Organization Leader, Robert Ley. In March of 1939, Ley explained…

…If the Jew wants to fight, it is fine with us. We have wanted that fight for a long time. There is no room in the world for the Jews any more.” [emphasis added]

Ley was correct.
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