Juttah, the movie…




It’s been about two months since the once wild Jerusalem dog (whom Marcia has named, Juttah) appeared half-dead in our backyard desperately seeking food.

It is only natural, then, given the immense interest stirred up by my first blog account of Juttah’s uncertain welfare, found here,  that the sure-to-follow sequel would blossom into a video epic. The epic never materialized, however, ordained or not, but we did manage to upload a short video detailing our new, healthier dog’s progress and prospects to date…


Author: Cliff Keller

Cliff Keller is an author and blogger who, with his wife, Marcia, made Aliyah to Israel in 2011.

10 thoughts on “Juttah, the movie…”

  1. What a lovely story and beautiful thing you and Marcia did for sweet Jutta! I’m so glad she’s getting a forever home. I hope you both are well and enjoying this Feast of Unleveavened Bread…I just found some new ways to use matzah and I think I’ll just keep on making my new recipes for the rest of the year! Hoping to make it back to Israel in November. Greetings from Greenville!


  2. No, Jutta, don’t go! I will miss your cute face around here! Nevertheless, I’m thrilled she will have a forever home and maybe then we can all sleep through the night once again. lol.


  3. Amazing what love and patience can do. Although the garden will appreciate Jutta getting a new home, I am sure you all will miss her. I’ll be praying that the transition for Jutta and all of you will go well.
    On this first full day of Pesach, I am missing all of my wonderful “family” in Jerusalem and all the special seders I hosted and/or attended. I was at a seder at temple last evening and a pre-Passover seder last week, but there’s none like being in Jerusalem. L’shana haba-a b’yerushalyaim. Peach sameach with much love, Sandy


  4. thanks cliff and marcia for sharing. of course it brought tears of joy and emotion! i am sitting right now with my mom. she may be approaching the end of her life here. only God knows the exact time. while watching the video i wondered how many souls are walking this earth just needing a smile and the knowledge that someone cares and will lend a helping hand. each day we meet such souls and your video encouraged me to make sure i am awake and ready to respond to those opportunities. just to show others we care and would help can have such dramatic effects on a life. Juttah is proof of that! glad we can stay connected with you and marcia when you are so many miles away!


  5. Good Shabbos and Pesach! What a wonderful Passover story of freedom for Jutta. From from pain and suffring. What a Pesach blessing!! Thanks Cliff! Just got GoPro 4 camera to do construction videos at work. Could use some tips on video ing from you.


  6. Such a touching video. Music was perfect too. God bless you and Marcia and Jutta too. Our Peanut’s story may vary in detail and yet it is the same.


  7. Cliff…This story brought tears to my eyes…I love happy endings! It so reminds me of our story of our three once feral cats who are now the kings of our back porch. Animals only want to be loved and cared for and you and Marcia did a wonderful thing rescuing Jutta and Hannah for taking her to her new home. And, blessings to Miriam for giving Jutta space for her “things” in Miriam’s garden. You are all heroes!

    p.s. It was also nice to see Marcia again.


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