A Waltz through the Old City

FacesWith the blizzard of 2013 in the rear-view, during a little burst of spring like weather in January, I shot video from Jerusalem’s Old City, Jaffa Gate to David Square, the Armenian Quarter, the Jewish Quarter, Western Wall (and back again). Set to a full orchestral rendering of the Blue Danube.

(The video is in High Definition so, if your web connection is fast, check the gear-symbol at the bottom of the video box and select “1080P” playback.)


Author: Cliff Keller

Cliff Keller is an author and blogger who, with his wife, Marcia, made Aliyah to Israel in 2011.

12 thoughts on “A Waltz through the Old City”

  1. I just simply LOVED the entire video!!! My heart was truly touched. Oh how I wish so bad I could go to Israel! I will share on FB and my group “Pray for Peace in Israel.”
    Absolutely loved the comments added at the end! Especially about the baby! LOL
    Thank you so much Cliff!
    May G-d make His shine upon you!


  2. Thanks for sharing. Loved the old with the new! In my travels I love to view the architecture. Thanks for sharing what I have not experienced first hand. Loved the musician in the yellow shoes too. Unique instrument!
    Nice to view on Sat morning with my coffee. Being a musician, I was wondering at the end if you would cut off the song. Glad you did not and then of course your comments were most amusing. We were still “there”. :). Greg’s and my best to you and Marcia! Still miss you guys!


  3. Cliff, I LOVED the video! And also your wonderful sense of humor. This makes my heart yearn to return to Jerusalem. Loved seeing all the people that you photographed “naturally.” I believe Andrea and I saw the guy who was performing on top of the big box (with the yellow shoes) at the Mamilla Mall one night. He was great!!! Shabbat shalom to you and Marcia. (from Maureen in Whittier, CA)


  4. A great video Cliff! Loved the interaction with the boy at the Menorrah, the way you stopped and started the action. Kol hakavod! As well, loved the comments at the end! You had me laughing!


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